PVC Conduit Pipe

Sitaram Polyplast is a leading manufacturer of electrical products for domestic and commercial use under its brand name of 'Nirmaan.' Nirmaan Conduit Pipes & Accessories are made from high quality unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride Resin having strong impact strenght and high insulation resistance.

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Product Features

Offers high thermal stress and wrinkle free bending.
Available in Light, Medium & Heavy Mechanical stress

Flame Resistant
Rust Free
Uniform Wall Thickness

Size Specification

Nominal Size (mm) Maximum Outside Diameter (mm) Tolerance Of Outside Diameter (mm) Minimum Internal Diameter (mm)
      Light Mechanical Stress(LMS) Medium Mechanical Stress(MMS) Heavy Mechanical Stress(HMS)
16 16 -0.3 13.7 13.0 12.2
20 20 -0.3 17.4 16.9 15.8
25 25 -0.4 22.1 21.4 20.6
32 32 -0.4 28.6 27.8 26.6
40 40 -0.4 35.8 35.4 34.4
50 50 -0.5 45.1 44.3 43.2

Application Range

Under concrete embedment for internal wiring
Application in external wiring as a substitute to trunks
Used in all kinds of buildings as wiring protection

Technical Features

Electrical Features
Dielectric Strength No breakdown even at 2000V
Insulation Resistance Resistance above 100 megaohm
Mechanical Strength
Resistance to crushing Excellent
Impact Results No crack
Rigidity Excellent
Compression Results Excellent
Efficient flexibility
Heat Resistant
No Deformation
Combustion Resistant
Very strong against H.D. flame